About Legato Music School

About Legato

About Us

Legato Music School brings music to everyone in a fun and enjoyable style. Creativity, happiness and continuous innovation are our philosophies.


In Legato Music School, we strive to bring out the creativity in everyone through music regardless of age.

Our Core Values


Legato Music School is a learning environment where teachers and students get together and learn from each other. Who says teachers are always right? In the world of music, everyone can be creative in making their own
pieces in their own style!


What is music if it doesn't make one happy? In Legato Music School, we believe that music-making is a happy activity. Enjoy the process of musicmaking, no matter you're the one teaching or learning.

Continuous Innovation

As much as we believe in the effectiveness of traditional methods of teaching, we never stop seeking new methodology to bring music to everyone in the most 'fashionable' and 'trendy' ways. Come and try out our 'trendi-tional' fusion courses in Legato Music School - A Place Where Music Begins!

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