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Children Sunrise (Age 2 - 3) Music Courses

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Registration Date: July 21, 2024

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Children Sunrise (Age 2 - 3)

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S$ 350.00
01-Jan-2018 till 31-Dec-2018

45 mins

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Rules & Regulations


  1. All students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of lesson.
  2. No food, drinks, running or rough play in the studio or waiting area.
  3. Switch your mobile phone to off or silent.
  4. Refrain from using mobile phone for calling, texting and/or playing games during lesson, if there is a need, please exit the classroom quietly.
  5. Responsible for any damages caused to the School and/or equipment by you/your child and bear the cost incurred to repair the damages.
  6. Students having influenza or any other contagious diseases (like Measles, Chicken Pox or Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) are refrained from attending lesson.
  7. Establish and maintain a practice routine for your child, assist your child with homework and participate in practice time. (Applicable to MYC Course ONLY)
  8. Quietly remove your child from the class if his/her behaviour is disruptive and return when he/she is ready for lesson. (Applicable to MYC Course ONLY)


  1. All fees paid are not refundable or transferable.
  2. Students who defer classes for more than 3 months are required to re-register and to pay a registration fee.
  3. All fees must be settled ONE WEEK prior to the following term, otherwise NO lesson and NO guarantee of the preferred lesson time slot will be given until the fees are paid in full.
  4. Deposit is refundable ONLY upon the completion of the current term and a written notice is served at least 5 lessons in advance before the last lesson of the current term. (Applicable for Individual PopSical Course ONLY)
  5. Deposit is refundable ONLY upon completion of the curent level and a written notice is served at least 5 lessons in advance before the last lesson of the current level. (Applicable for MYC Course and Group PopSical Course ONLY) (Please note that MYC Sunrise1 to 3 is considered as one level)
  6. No pro-rate of fees is allowed.
  7. All fees shown are subjected to changes without prior notice.

Class Cancellation / Replacement

  1. The School will schedule make-up classes at a time convenient for most students for any class cancelled by the School due to unforeseen circumstances.
  2. All missed lesson will be charged and there will be no make up lessons shall the student misses the class.


  1. The School will NOT be responsible for any mishap during the classes or in the School premises.
  2. The School reserves the rights to take photos during classes for all its publicity and promotion purpose and will not seek permission from any individual.
  3. Please note that the above rules and regulations are subject to change. An updated version will be posted if there is any changes.


I certify that I have read, understand and comply to agree with all rules and regulations of Legato Music School.

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